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· Critical Development Studies (financing for development; Neoliberal Development Agenda; 2030 Agenda; Latin American development)

· Critical Political Economy (political ecology; international financialization; authoritarian neoliberalism; European & International Political Economy)

·  Global Governance (global climate finance; global public goods).

·  Heterodox Economics


· “Philanthrocapitalism as a Neoliberal (Development Agenda) Artefact. Philanthropic Discourse and Hegemony in (Financing for) International Development”. Globalizations, 16(6): 857-875. 2019. (with J. Mediavilla).

· “Financialization, Institutional Reform and Structural Change in the Bolivian Boom (2006-2014)”. Latin American Perspectives, 46(2): 47–64. 2019. (with A. Macías Vázquez).

· “International Financialisation and the Systemic Approach to International Financing for Development”, Global Policy, 6(1): 24-33. 2015

· “The systemic approach to international financing for development and the need for a World Tax and Financial Organization”. European Journal of Development Research, 25(1):60-77. 2013.

· “European periphery crises, international financial markets, and democracy”. The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 72(4): 826-850. 2013. (with E. Fernandez-Huerga and A. Salvador).


Jorge Garcia-Arias


· Research Group on Applied Economics. Grupo de Investigación Consolidado (GIC), University of Leon.

· Research Group on Economics, Energy and System Dynamics. Grupo de Investigación Reconocido (GIR), University of Valladolid.


Main current research Project


· MODESLOW - Modelling and simulation of energy transition scenarios towards a low-carbon economy. The case study of Spain.

       IP: O. Carpintero and LJ. Miguel (University of Valladolid)

       Period: 2018-2021

       Funding Institution: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO)