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· Heterodox Economics Directory, Economists.


Special Issue #100. “One Hundred Words by One Hundred Heterodox Economists”, which include ‘words of wisdom’ from leading heterodox economists representing their school of thought, institution, association, country, or region. (link)

Jorge Garcia-Arias

· CONGDE and CONCORD Seminar on “Financing for Development and Health”. Madrid, October 2014 (video)

· Heterodox Economics Directory. (link)

· Report of the Academic Experts Committee to inform the Spanish position in the United Nations III International Conference in Financing for Development, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, July 2015. Secretaría General de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (SGCID), Spanish Foreign Office. (link)


· Post in Critical Development Economics Blog. “Philanthrocapitalism: How to Legitimize the Hegemony of the Rich with a ‘Good Vibes’ Discourse”. 2019.(link)

· Asociación de Economía Crítica (España). (link)