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· International Finance and Development; Globalization and Development (M.A. in International Co-operation and Development)


· Exchange rate (in)stability (Ph.D. Program)






· Public Economics (B.A. Economics, Business, Law)


· International Economics and Trade (B.A. Economics)


· Macroeconomics (B.A. Marketing)                             


Jorge Garcia-Arias



POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS Supervised (Completed)


· A. Martinez (Honduras) “Neoliberalism and international development cooperation in public policies for education in Honduras”. 2017.

· M. Pacyga (Poland) “Policy Coherence for Development: theoretical framework, policies and a comparison between Poland and Spain”. 2016.

· W. Massolola (Congo-Brazzaville) “The impact on European Development Fund in financing African countries: the case of Congo-Brazzaville”. 2015.

· P. Munayeza (Rwanda) “Development assistance: the case of Fishery Partnership Agreements EU-Mozambique”. 2015.

· T. Reyes (Spain) “Tax Havens: an analysis of their problematic and their effects on development”. 2014.

· J. Mediavilla (Spain) “Philanthrocapitalism and development: theoretical analysis and poliomyelitis as a case study”. 2013.

· A. Gonzalez (Spain) “A CO2 Tax as innovative instrument for Financing for Development”. 2012.



I am happy to supervise postgraduate students (at MA, MPhil or PhD level) who wish to work on any of the following areas:


· Critical Development Studies (financing for development; Neoliberal Development Agenda; 2030 Agenda; Latin American development)

· International Political Economy (international financialization; critical political economy; authoritarian neoliberalism; global governance; European political economy)

· Global Climate Finance (political ecology; climate change & international development; the financing of climate change fight)


Please contact me ( to discuss in detail your ideas and interests.